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Spa Party

At IwiFresh Farm Oasis, we believe in pampering and giving our clients a sample of the phenomenal services we offer for your mental, physical and emotional self, in a beautiful safe healing space.
Our Spa Parties are great for parties of 8 or more. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Spa Parties are limited to 15-20 guests.
Call to inquire: (678) 509 – 7462


Book a minimum of 5 guest

A $275 facility fee reserves our Community Room for the Spa Party Host to decorate, bring food, drinks, etc., however, each guest is still responsible for paying for their individual services.

  • Your guests will enjoy our beautiful 12 Zen spaces (Juice bar, Marketplace, Library, Rainforest Shower, African Village, Plant Therapy, Himalayan Salt room, Ancestor Prayer Wall, Dry Heat Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Garden Therapy, and Outdoor Patio for 4 hours.
  • A $275 non-refundable deposit is due to book the party, and the remaining $300 is due the day of the party.
    Bring your own decorations, food, and beverages.
  • We offer two six feet long tables to accommodate your food, beverages, etc.
  • A 20% gratuity is added to each service.
  • If you cancel 24 hours prior to the party the card on file will be charged the remaining fees and 50% of the services and gratuity.

Steps to Book

  • Call iwiFresh Farm Oasis to determine the availability of the date you may have your spa party.
  • Select a spa party date.
  • Download the Spa Party Spreadsheet, Policies and Procedures Spreadsheet, and How to Prepare for your Journey at iwiFresh Farm Oasis, that the Event Coordinator will send to your email.
  • Wait for phone confirmation from the Event Coordinator before paying your $275 spa party deposit.
  • Pay your $275 spa party deposit at the spa’s front desk or place your payment over the phone.
  • Pay the spa party balance before your event begins.
  • Enjoy your event!