Class Details

Class Name Class Date Class Duration Class Time Class Instructor Indivudual Class Price Class Price Series Class Location Soul
Devine Yoga Thursday's 90 minute 12noon-1:0pm Baba Bey Yoga $50.00 n/a Multi- Purpose
Martial Fit Wednesday's 60 minutes 11am- 12noon Jason Griffin $45.00 n/a Multi- Purpose
Tae Kwon Do Wednesday's 60 minutes 5pm-6pm Pierre & Malcolm $20.00 $90/6 classes Multi- Purpose
Acupuncrt ure-Staff Wednesday's 90 minutes 11am- 12noon Brittany Woodard CODE n/a Multi- Purpose
Guided Meditation Sunday's 60 minutes 11am- 12noon Suryaa A $35.00 n/a Himalyan Salt Room
How to have HAPPY House Plants Sunday 1/24/21 2 hours 12pm-2pm Yolanda Owens $50.00 n/a Multi-purpose 1st floor
Chair Yoga Mondays 1 hr 8:30am-9:30am Tiffany Campbell $18.00 n/a Multi-purpose 1st Floor
Power Core Yoga Mondays 1 hr 6:00pm-7:00pm Tiffany Campbell $18.00 n/a Multi-purpose 1st Floor
Toma Fit Youth Hip Hop Athletes Tuesdays 1 hr 7:15pm-8:15pm Quic and Shebah $100 for 10 weeks $100 for 10 weeks Multi-Purpose 1st Floor
January New Moon Meditation Wednesday (1/13/2021) 2hr 7:00 PM Desiree Smith Donation n/a Multi-purpose 1st Floor
Vibe with Tribe Book Club Saturday (1/16/2021) 90 min Noon - 1:30pm Angera Bolton Donation n/a Multi-purpose 3rd Floor
Community 101 Sunday (1/21/2021) 2 hr 2:30pm-4:30pm Candice Stockham $15.00 n/a Multi-purpose 1st Floor

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