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Yolanda Owens - The Skincare Farmer & Owner of iwi fresh
In loving memory of the Skincare Chef, Yolanda Owens

Our Why

Our Forever Skincare Chef

iwi freshers, we are saddened to share that Atlanta’s very own, Yolanda Owens, The Skincare Chef has passed. 

Although Yolanda will be deeply missed by the community she has cultivated, her legacy and spirit shall continue to love and thrive. We ask that you respect the family by allowing them time to process.

Thank you for all the love, joy and FRESHness. We will come together to celebrate Yolanda at a later time. 



Yolanda Owens making iwi fresh Products

Our History

iwi fresh is founded by Yolanda Owens ‘Yogi The Skin Care Farmer’’ who has been making her own skincare products for fourteen years. iwi fresh, LLC was created in 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia. At this time, Yolanda Owens was selling her fresh skincare products via e-commerce and during local events. In 2010, The Skincare Farmer opened her first brick and mortar facility, iwi fresh Farm Day Spa, in Downtown Atlanta's creative art district neighborhood, ‘Castleberry Hill’, and has been successfully operating for years. Clients believe that The Skincare Farmer’s products are better than the skin care lines they find in stores because of the fresh feel and raw ingredients incorporated. iwi fresh has something unique and RAW to offer.

Yolanda Owens itis what itis owner of iwi fresh

Our Story

iwi stands for "itis what Itis"...meaning whatever it is that is exactly what it is! No mystery. Transparency. We believe in the power of the FYSTT... feeding your skin theTruth with raw veggies from the farm We make our products with raw powder and fresh juice based vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We use glass containers to insure the sustainability of our products and our environment. Our garden spa environment looks and feels like a botanical garden. Freshness meets our clients at the door and throughout the entire spa.