General Admission Services

Operation Hours: Thursday - Sunday 10 am - 8 pm

General Admission Day Pass | $50

General Admission per person is $50 for an all day pass.

Contact us: 678-509-7462

Email us:

$50 Oasis Passport Package includes: ($50 per person)
- You will recieve a 'Fresh-Fit-Attire'(robe, shorts, tshirt)
- You can shop at our 'Oasis-Market Place'
- We have a 'Mindfulness Library' full of wonderful books
- Enjoy and detox in our 'Dry-heated Sauna'
- Boost your immune system in our 'Infrared Sauna'
- Create DIY (Do-it-yourself) body scrubs in our 'Rainforest Shower'
- Relax in our 'African Village of Meditation'
- Feed your body oxygen in our 'Plant Therapy Room'
- Vibrate high frequency with our 'Crystal Manifestation Wall'
- Give honor to your Ancestos with our 'Ancestor Pray Wall'
- Improve respiratory system in our 'Himalayan Salt Room'

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