iwi fresh Veggie Facials

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iwi fresh Signature Veggie Facial

30 min $65  • 60 min $125  • 90 min $195

🌱 Our signature veggie facial removes impurities from your skin.

🌱 Nourishes your skin with farm fresh raw ingredients.

🌱 Feed your skin the TRUTH iwi fresh. No chemicals or processed products. High in antioxidant, vitamin E, A and C.

🌱 Improves the complexion for a brighter and clearer skin.

iwi fresh Anti-Aging Veggie Facial

30 min $85  • 60 min $145 • 90 min $205

🌱 Enjoy a powerful skin treatment using fresh farm ingredients to give you a youthful glow. This facial will help to combat fine lines and improve elasticity with nutrient rich products.

iwi fresh Acne Veggie Facial

30 min $85  • 60 min $145

🌱 Our Veggie Facial is a fresh salad on the skin that addresses both texture and hydration needs with fresh ingredients.

🌱 Our signature acne facial will combat acne, remove blackheads and deeply cleanse the skin, while reducing redness and swelling

🌱 We cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with RAW squash, blueberries, flaxseeds, grits, honey, carrots, spinach, and lettuce powder.

iwi fresh "Gentleman-Amazing" Veggie Facial

30 min $75  • 60 min $135 • 90 min $195

🌱 Tailored to the specific needs of a man's skin, which is challenged by daily shaving and structural differences.

🌱 This facial re-textures, deep cleans, and conditions the skin for an improved look and exceptional feel.

🌱 Your skin will receive deep cleaning, exfoliation, and hydration using fresh vegetables and herb powder.

iwi fresh Teen "Eat-your-spinach" Veggie Facial

30 min $55

🌱This specialized teen facial includes a consultation with education on a home-care regimen

🌱Using fresh ingredients to cleanse, hydrate, combat acne, and draw out impurities and toxins while calming and soothing inflamed skin.

🌱This all natural facial is a must for every teen to balance the skin and encourage a proper skincare routine. Good for ages 10 - 16 years old.


iwi fresh Kiddie "Early-Start" Veggie Facial

20 min $35  

🌱 Our kiddie "Early-Start" veggie facials are super-safe for all skin types. No chemicals, no harsh ingredients, no toxins.

🌱 We use spring-well water to gently cleanse the skin. No cleanser used.

🌱We use unscented simple lite-weight cream base moisurizer.

🌱We add fresh spinach leaves to the skin for a few seconds.

🌱We snap a photoSing a song! Laugh out Loud...and we are done!


iwi fresh Sensitive-Skin Veggie Facial

30 min $95 • 60 min $155

🌱 Our skincare professionals will personalize your facial needs using specific, fresh, non-toxin products selected for your skin condition, resulting in clean, healthy, glowing skin.

iwi fresh "We-Got-Your-Back?" Veggie Facial

60 min $135

🌱 Our deep cleansing Back Facial will exfoliate and treat your back resulting in smoother, softer skin.

🌱Seasonal dryness and periodic skin congestion are addressed for a much improved look and feel.

🌱 Your skin will love you for feeding it with farm-fresh vegetable powder. Raw ingredients produce immediate results!

iwi fresh"Friday-Product "Veggie Facial *SPECIAL

30 min $65 • 60 min $125

🌱 FRIDAY'S ONLY!! SPECIAL...Buy any 2 facial products and get 1/2 off the third product with any facial service of your choice.

iwi fresh "Shave-Skin-Therapy" Veggie facial

30 min $65 • 60 min $175

🌱 Our unique VEGGIE-SHAVE-SKIN-THERAPY FACIAL helps fight razor bumps and ingrown hairs while soothing with fresh ingredients Calendula, Chamomile and Primrose Oil calm and lessen skin irritation.

🌱 Natural Aloe Vera Gel softens even the toughest beard and forms a protective cushion for a close and comfortable shave. Suitable for all skin types.