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New Product Choco Cherry Berry Body Scrub & Body Oil Combo


pre-shave oil | naturally prevents razor burn by helping the blade glide smooth.

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Yolanda Owens | The Skincare Farmer
iwi fresh's Resting Retreat logo. A spot to simply rest and retreat.

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The Resting Retreat

Looking for a spot to restore your inner balance? Need a place to rest and rejuvenate from a long week?

Restore your energy. Rejuvenate your soul and allow your body to rest at Atlanta's Resting Retreat Spot

Address: 1800 Jonesboro Rb, Atlanta, Georgia 30315

Hours: Friday-Sunday 12 pm -7 pm EST

Call us at 678-509-746
Email us at

The Fresh Fund at iwi fresh

iwi fresh fundraising

The Fresh Fund

The Keep it Going Yogi Fund is a fundraiser to ensure iwi fresh keeps going!

During this transition we have several outstanding bills such as rent, taxes, utilities, legal fees, etc. that need to be settled. Your Fresh Funds will cover existing & outstanding debts, and allow us to increase inventory and sales.

With the love and support from our community we know we can preserve through this transition and thrive! Yolanda planted so many seeds around the world so let’s lift her up and watch these carrots grow. The iwi fresh team loves and miss you dearly. Forever iwi fresh!!

Our Goal: $50,000

Zelle: 678-698-9459

Cash app: $iwifreshFund

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